Hologram Gallery

Griff hologram
Church hologram
Astrik skull
Statue hologram
Stag antler
Deer antler
Oil Tower hologram
Oil Tower hologram 3d
Titanic hologram
Embrio hologram
Building hologram
Shopping center 3d modell
Shopping center 3d modell
Hotel hologram
dubai bruce
Collosseum 3d modell
Dog skeleton hologram
dog skeleton hologram 3 channel
3d Clock holography
Hotel hologram
3d human modell



Showroom and regional sales center will be established in 2016. A new production center will be opened later on in order to directly serve the hologram needs of MENA region.





The European sales center of the Hungarian owned group of companies is located in Zürich, Switzerland. Its aim is to make the technology easily viewable and available for those of the Europeans interested in it.

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