3D Digital Hologram Print

Past, future and potential of holography


Technology is a laser lighted digital printer using 3 colour, very high intensity professional laser to illuminate film. Just as simple as a general printer connected to a computer.


Different, because: - information contained in it becomes visible from all and every angles 360°; - glasses free 3D experience; - version proof, thus safely archivable; - both colour and monochrome formats are available with horizontal, vertical or either oblique orientation; - visualisation of numerous different pictures whithin the very same one hologram image (channeling).

Trade use areas

3D visualisations can be useful at a numerous different use areas of trading from already the initial phase of design work:
• Supporting luxury cars, yacht’s design; manufacturing procedures
• For architects , designers holograms can be converted out of CAD files • 3D visualisation of buildings, interior and exterior spaces, cable systems • During Geological use visualisation of topographical observations in 3D; • Visualisation of geological strata; • 3D imaging of results of archeological investigations • Museum digitalisation.

Our Recent Work

asztrik sculpe
oil rig 3d model
satellite 3d image

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About us

HoloTech Switzerland AG is the world leader in real 3d holography visualization. Our company has been established to serve the rapidly growing demand for highest quality 3D holograpic imaging. Holo-Med’ prints are produced by the well-known holographic printers. We are proud to have our own holographic imaging machinery. We sell the prints at unchanged prices and we provide outstanding quality! Besides we work with a highly professional expert team. The result speaks for itself.

Advantages of a Hologram. Our holograms can be executed from CAT mock-ups that are already produced in 2D format and animated fly-throughs. This is a normal progression of the technology. - Quick Turn Around Time – 3D models can be transformed into 3D holograms in very minimal time (less than eight hours). - Compact, light-weight and easy to chronicle – trouble free – carries or ships easily - Cost effective – more affordable than physical models and rapid prototyping solutions. For more details, please see our pricing.


Official partner of HoloTech

Mach Bridge Avionics (P) Limited

Contact Person: Nauveen B Malik


Showroom and regional sales center will be established in 2016. A new production center will be opened later on in order to directly serve the hologram needs of MENA region.





The European sales center is located in Zürich, Switzerland.

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